Saturday, May 24, 2008


In Colorado, we found a two-foot gauge wooden box car that was part of the former Baraboo, Wisconsin Ammunition Depot rail system. The frame was solid and we hoped that the wood was recoverable. Regardless, it was a box car, it was for sale, it was going to Ohio.

After the trip cross country, and a switch to two foot gauge, the boxcar was put on the track at The Alvada Two-Footer Railroad, in front of the Brookville and taken around the tracks for a test run. I ran the locomotive while Richard, Mark Reigle and the dog Cowhead rode in the boxcar. The boxcar traveled the track well, and we determined that no additional gauge work would be needed.

Our intention for the boxcar was to securely store track tools and maintenance supplies, so it needed solid doors. This boxcar was designed to have canvas roll-down doors. So we moved the boxcar into the shop to fit solid doors and give it a coat of paint. After consideration, we decided that the wood had spent too much time out in the weather and would have to be replaced. So, as time was available, we stripped all the wood off of the frame, removed the old paint and rust from the boxcar frame, added the frames for the solid doors, squirted primer and paint onto the frame, cut and replaced almost all the wood (we did manage to keep the roof), sealed the new wood and the boxcar was ready to go back out on the rails.

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