Saturday, January 3, 2009

In the event that I never did mention it ...

Did I ever introduce myself? My name is Mary. How am I connected to the Alvada Two-Footer Railroad? Way back when, when the railroad mostly wasn't, I; Marked the route, cut trees and excavated dirt. Hauled and spread stone for the rail bed. Marked the arcs that were used to bend the rail to go around curves, then moved the rail into position so that the rail bender could do it's job. Hauled rail and spikes and ties then was part of the team that assembled 2/3 of a mile of steel and wood and spikes into a railroad. That doesn't mean I watched, I lifed and carried and ran the spike hammer, as much as anybody and more than most. Scraped and sanded and painted every piece of rolling stock with the exception of one. Got the job of doing most of the train driving, except on the showboat occasions. Not that it matters all that much, I just never said. Now I have. That is all.

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