Thursday, December 29, 2011

Inside B&O Caboose C3008

B&O Caboose C3008 exterior in winter
There are lawn ornaments, and then there are YARD ornaments.  This particular ornament is now a static display on standard gauge track. It used to be an actual working caboose, specifically B&O Caboose C3008.  Retired almost complete it was preserved with some of the paperwork still inside.
For those of you who have not actually walked inside this (or any other) caboose, above is a photo of the interior.   Cabooses (because they were essentially the conductor's home away from home) have some of the comforts of home.  If you consider heat, water and a sort of sometimes bathroom, comforts.
 Sort of sometimes?  The photo on the right begins the explanation of the sorta sometimes.  Yes, there is a sign inside the bathroom warning the potential bathroom user to refrain from using the facilities while the train is in the yard or at the station.

Is this a politeness issue? Not so much.  While I am sure that the conductors would spare passengers standing on the platform the sound of flushing toilets, if the toilets flushed as you are used to the idea of flushing.

Little known fact:  Toilets in cabooses, empty rather than flush.  Yes, that light you see at the bottom of the toilet is daylight.  Yet another reason that my parents warned us to not walk on railroad tracks.

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