Monday, December 5, 2011

A tree fell across the tracks, sometime in the last week

A tree fell across the tracks sometime last week, in one of the seeming never ending storms that we have had here.  Track maintenance is called for (as soon as it stops raining, which may be sometime next year).  Time to fire up the speeder and a chainsaw.

I have neglected this blog badly and it also needs maintenance.  A chainsaw may or may not be involved.

Meanwhile  a photo:

Ginormous Ball of Bubble Gum Pink Bailing Twine (that Queen Anne's Lace Flower in the background was 6 inches across)

Why in the world would I post a photo of a ball of bailing twine in a railroad blog?

It bothers me when things things that should be wound up aren't.

I spent an entire afternoon rolling this out of place (formerly) string of twine into a ball.  If you don't have that degree of tenacity, you should never attempt to start your own railroad.  Read the story about the ball of twine here (click this link). It will take you to another of my blogs, one of the ones not about a railroad.

That is my sideways way of saying that I have noticed that this blog needs some winding.  I am fixin' to do something about it.

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