Sunday, January 1, 2012

how the lights got lit ... and why some of the neighbors believe that I have lost my mind ...

Back when we were building the railroad, after the track was down, we decided that we needed signal lights and crossing gates.  Bases cast, lights and gates installed all that was left was running the wire to power and control them.  (For those of you that want to know HOW, I have left myself a note to write a useful article for you, will get it done, promise.) Regardless, how took some figuring, doing was another matter entirely.

The day that we installed the wiring for the lights and gates, I spent the afternoon, mostly on my hands and knees putting dirt back into a hole that I had spent the morning digging.  Yep.  Did it on purpose too.  A hole about 1500 ft. long.  Wire for the signals on the railroad.  Took the dirt out with a trencher attachment for the bobcat, had to put it back in by hand 'cause of the location.  No matter, wasn't that bad, only people that would have seen me crawling, dirty, through the woods woulda been the neighbors, and they already know that all my mental bolts could use a little tightening.

Happy New Year to all of you folk!

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