Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Country Folk Waste Nothing - and Reuse Everything

Country Folk Waste Nothing and Reuse Everything, it is our way.
A month or so ago, I read in the newspaper that a local barn was going to have to be torn down. Made of concrete and glazed tile, it was designed and built to withstand fire.  Fire but not water.  Even the best concrete after just more than a hundred years, sometimes fails due to water damage.  (Read the Findlay Courier Article by Jim Maurer here ...)

What does the tear down of a century-old barn have to do with the Alvada Two Footer Railroad?

Well, local Ohio / Hancock County history ... and the three-way switch that we started installing in 2009.  .More in that here at the Little Locos blog on Fantiastic Fabiola.  You see, inside that barn, as part of the structure, was used 50# rail.  Not such a surprise, country folk have an eye for quality, and re-use material if it makes sense.  I suspect, but do not know that the rail's first use was part of a light rail system that was formerly just a few miles from here, in the low ground, and used to harvest peat from what is now known as "the muck ground". That muck ground is now used to grow chipping potatoes (mostly) that go to make wonderful local potato chips.
Regardless, there the rail was, in the demolition debris.  So last Wednesday, the fella and I with substantial help from the folk doing the tear down, pulled the rail out of the rest of the barn, loaded it on a trailer, and brought it home. We plan to use this rail to complete the track leading from the three-way switch next spring. Which will make for use number 3 for that American Made rail, which is in good shape, more than a century after it was made.  

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